Medical bills provided a financial burden for more than one out of four American families – 26.8 percent – in 2012…

 Medical bills provided a financial burden for more than one out of four American families – 26.8 percent – in 2012, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The costs of healthcare are staggering and often cause financial hardship and even bankruptcy for many US families. If individuals are not properly insured medically, or with disability insurance, a major injury or illness may wipe out whatever savings and ability to pay for daily items very quickly. In this context, nearly 9 percent of families currently cannot make their medical bill payments, with a total of 16.5 percent facing financial issues stemming from medical costs in 2012. More than one-fifth of the 43,345 families surveyed were still paying off a medical bill that had been split into payments over time. Not having health insurance was a big factor in not being able to pay off bills, but around one-fifth of the adults surveyed who had full insurance coverage still said it was difficult to pay bills.”Unpaid medical bills is the number one reason why families declare personal bankruptcy,” said Karen Pollitz, a fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “It causes people to lose equity in their homes, to endanger their retirement and their kid’s college education. It will destroy a family financially.” Read the full details here…

Holistic Justice Institute’s Founder, Pr. Joubert has worked as a professor of public law in Europe and the US. He has also campaigned and litigated in Courts of law for multiple years promoting the replacement of outdated legal and medical standards of care with EVIDENCED-BASED HOLISTIC STANDARDS. His originality is based on being able to examine medicine and the health sciences with legal, forensic, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural eyes, thanks to which he can distinguish the RELEVANT CLINICAL PEARLS from the irrelevant and-or biased data and get to the CRUX OF THE ISSUE. With these above-mentioned skills, Christian is also able to identify a problem’s key INTER-CONNECTIONS that too often, most family members, medical doctors, court expert witnesses and public health agents are not able to see or understand. To benefit in vivo from Christian’s medical, legal, inter-disciplinary and trans-cultural training and experience, CLICK the Consult LINK in the top menu bar. To read more on Christian’s background, click “about”.

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