Package One

Protection from general liability for those utilizing alternative, complemenatry, innovative and integrative (holistic) medicine. From informed consent to the assumption of risks (liability release) instruments and others legal tools, the physician can benefit from multiple legal protection layers
 To receive a “pdf” protection legal instruments package, the payment must first be received. The client gets two hours of coaching with this package. This package includes the following:
1. Informed consent instrument 2. The Assumption of risks contract 3. The Psychological evaluation document. 4. Case Law. 5. Statutes. 6. Extra protection via “standards of science”. 7. Still other legal protection tools, all of which constitute a powerful protection shield from monetary claims based on injury, wrongful death, negligence and violation of informed consent lawsuits
Understanding and identifying the relevant issues as well as  existing defenses, such as express and implied assumption of risk, will help integrative and holistic physicians and health-care professionals to better structure their clinical practice so as to provide the best possible care with minimal malpractice exposure and liability risks.

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