Why health care professionals should hire us for coaching and education.

Because contemporary medicine (conventional and un-conventional) has become one of the riskiest professions from the point of view of complaints and liability. Moreover, with the growing popularity of holistic and integrative medicine, medical tort law is more and more applicable to integrative and holistic health-care practitioners. C.A.M. and holistic professionals therefore need to integrate within their practice the rules on how to practice integrative and holistic medicine without liability and on how to build different protection layers so that they can avoid liability. And when there is a legal challenge, physicians and non medical health-care practitioners need to know how to quickly arrive at a court dismissal or fair settlement.
Conventional allopathic doctors also need to be better informed about medical legal rules regarding holistic and innovative medicine, from the emerging standards on how to refer patients to holistic providers (as this is often a strong demand among holistic sensitive patients) to how to integrate within one’s conventional practice holistic procedures and tools that may not be approved by the FDA or the medical boards.
As more evidence accumulates regarding the safety, the efficiency and the limits of holistic medicine, all physicians and health care professionals need to be better informed about the parameters of liability, on how to best protect themselves from malpractice suits, archaic laws and obsolete judicial precedents, on how to argue the standards of science (versus many profit-driven and outdated standards of care) and on how to contribute in promoting a genuine public health culture in the U.S.

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