The list below summarizes some of the major grounds of potential legal claims with which all health practitioners, physicians, clinicians, nurses and medical students should be concerned. All of these subjects are covered in our workshops
•1. Misdiagnoses. Misdiagnosis refers to both a failure to diagnose a condition as well as an inaccurate diagnosis.
•2. Delayed diagnosis or failure to timely diagnose. Common in cancer cases.
•3. Delay of medically necessary, effective conventional treatment (e.g. loss of chance) Example. Exponential growth of cancer. Complaint risks from close entourage (eg family and spouse).
•4. Inadequate informed consent. A frequent issue for integrative, holistic and allopathic medicine.
•5 . Insufficient evidence of safety and/or efficacy in an integrative or holistic therapy.
•6. Vicarious liability for acts of agents.
•7. Negligent referral to CAM, integrative or holistic practitioners.
8. Adverse herb-drug or conventional-CAM treatment interaction.
•9. Breach of confidentiality and/or privacy.
•10. False and misleading or deceptive claims.
•11. Violation of informed consent. Understanding informed consent is a critical part of the therapeutic encounter..
•12. Patient abandonment, fiduciary relationship.
•13. Complicity to parental reckless neglect of child patient.

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