The Institute’s founder:  Pr. Joubert, former professor of public law, organic farmer and naturopath in France,  has directed a holistic health retreat center in the Eastern Pyrénées and has used political fora to help advance holistic medicine, both in Europe and at the gubernatorial level in Washington State. Pr. Joubert has litigated constitutional, products liability, tobacco racketeering, medical and legal malpractice actions in the United States as well as human rights cases at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. He set up the international human rights law section of Gonzaga Law School in Spokane Wa, when Pr Joubert was a visiting adjunct Law Professor there. He was educated at the following schools: Bordeaux’s Law School, Pierre et Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine (allopathic medicine) in France, Asmaf in Paris (Association scientifique des médecins acupuncteurs de France & Ecole française d’Acupuncture), clinical nutrition (Cnam) and naturopathy (Ceredor and Jus Cogens Institute), among other educational institutions in Israel, the United States and Europe.

He is often invited to speak about how physicians who practice Holistic and Alternative Medicine can efficiently protect themselves   legally. See example via click.

Of Jewish (from his Hebrew Polish mother) and Christian (from his Catholic French father) upbringing, Pr. Joubert’s experience with respectful, peaceful, healing and meaningful “belief systems” has convinced him that safe, efficient advanced medicine and successful public health policies are less the result of conventional medical education and allopathic research than evidence-based innovative science and legal, political and moral break-throughs.

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For now we do not have an American licensed attorney (s) on our staff who can represent clients in the fifty States of the Union, so we can’t represent your cases individually. But with our law professorship   experience in both Europe and the U.S., combined to our  litigation experience, we have the experience and motivation to help educate you so that you can defend yourself pro se and-or better structure your clinic with multiple layers of legal protection and-or help you to understand your options and on how to better serve your Community and the Constitution from the “meaningful access to holistic health and advanced medicine” perspective.


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